Things To Do In Life

Supposedly you’ve a complete alien on your way. This alien is lost here on earth and it looked like confused and scared. This tiny little green alien asked you naively, “Hey buddy! What are the things can I do here on earth?” What would you recommend to that alien in order to create an unforgettable experience here on earth?

16 Things To Do In Life

1. Fall In Love

Learn to appreciate someone not only yourself and learn to abandon of yourself in front of something bigger than you. Don’t actively look for it, but merely be prepared to receive it when it finds you.

2. Sing on Stage in Front of Many People

Already did it. Face your fear by doing something you failed or your scared to do. Learn to improved your self-confidence and self-esteem and try to share to others what you can do.

3. Write a Book

Any type of book. Just write what you want to share, what you feel, or what you think is important to help others as well. I think everyone must write a book in his lifetime to let other people know that he lived and existed in this world.

4. Compose a Song

Any type of song. As long as it moved other people and makes people happy, cry, dance, and even sing. When other heard your music, you let them feel what you want them to feel and make their minds at ease.