Paper faces on parade: Road sign reminders – Chapter 5 – U-turn

Paper faces on parade: Road sign reminders – Chapter 5 – U-turn.

Tribute to my Adviser

After a year of consultation, pressure, and defenses, our SP days was finally over. Me and my other co-advisees planned to have a tribute for our adviser, Sir Joshua Martinez. Polo created a secret group on facebook just to plan what would be the best gift that we will give to our adviser.

Many suggestions were offered, but the best gifts that were suggested are:

  • a buy one take one party size pizzas with a family sized Coca-cola from shakeys, and
  • a customized shirt with “Best Adviser Sir Josh and our names” printed on it

The costs of these gifts are less but as you looked at it, it looked like we spend so much money just to buy these gifts.

The plan was to surprised our adviser, so Kevin C. and I pretended to have a consultation regarding our posters with Sir Josh at exactly 3PM. It was already 3:30 PM and yet Marlon, Kevin C. and I were not yet finished and is waiting in Shakeys for the pizzas. We waited for almost 20 minutes and boila! the pizzas were there. We took some pictures of it before we leave the restaurant.


Surprising Gift

If forever really exist, then I will cherished the moments that I’ve shared with you more than FOREVER!

After a long day of  long lines, long waits, and long clarifications of the requirements for graduation, Marlon, Kevin, and I were exhausted. I didn’t realized that my friends prepare a gift for me for my birthday. I was really surprised and shocked when I saw their gifts for me.


Birthday Disaster

Birthday Disaster!!!

20 years later and now my teen years end. March 11, 1992 is the day when my mother gave birth to a cute baby which turns now into a full grown beautiful woman. This woman is no other than ME!

My birthday was a disaster. A lot of unexpected events happened during my birthday. It was last year, during my birthday when Japan suffered from an attack of tsunami and many people died that day.