Antique | The Batanes of the South: Malalison Island

DSCF0244[1]Malalison was introduced to us when we watched an episode of Biyahe ni Drew in YouTube. We were amazed by its charm and clear and blue water surrounded in the island.

The white sandbar, clear and blue water, fresh seafood, and it’s Batanes overview in the mountain are our only few reasons why we decided to conquer this island.

Tourists call it Malalison while locals say it Mararison. This hook-shaped island can be found in a serene place of Culasi, Antique,Philippines. It is one of the three island-barangays found in the area.

Legend says that the islands of Culasi were the three children of Madja-as and Kanlaon, namely Batbatan, Maningning, and Mararison. Maningning was the lazy beautiful sister, Batbatan the disrespectful one, and Mararison the disobedient one. They were punished and kept away from their mother, Madja-as. You’ll see these three islands when you climb the summit of Mount Madja-as, the highest peak in Panay Island.

There are other activities to do in the island such as:

  • Pangluy-a Ritual
  • Nablag Islet, Sandbar
  • Mini Cave exploration
  • Swimming and snorkeling
  • Seco Island

We didn’t experience those activities due to the bad weather and limited time we have on our itinerary, but an overnight stay is already enough to experience the Malalison trip.

First thing first

Contact the tourism office before going there. The following are the contact details:

Contact Information
John Sumanting
Culasi Tourism Office
Smart: +63-947-587-3067
Globe: +63-916-324-5068

Mario Fuenteblanca (for boat and homestay)

How To Go To Malalison Island

From Kalibo to Antique:
Take a van to Ceres Bus Terminal. Van fare is Php150 per person. Travel time is 1 hour.
Once at the terminal, you can take the bus to Culasi proper town but wll need to wait until the bus gets occupied with passengers.
Alternatively, you can ride a passenger van en route to Culasi Town. Travel time is about 1 hour. Fare is Php70.

Once you’re at Culasi, you’ll need to go first to the tourism office for registration. There is also environmental and terminal fees which only cost a total of Php30.

Contact your POC for boat transfer to the island. Travel time is only 10-15 minutes.

Where to Stay in Malalison

Malalison Island is still an unspoiled island in Antique, you cannot find any hotels or resort in the area. In addition, the island has a limited power supply and electricity is only available for a limited time which is from 6PM to 10PM.

For homestay, most of the guests were staying in a simple residence of a former kapitan, who is now part of tourism office that guides visitors at Malalison.

The family who took care of us are very nice and hospitable. Their home is clean and comfortable. They have two rooms available for use which accomodates 3-4 persons per room.

They also have a flat-screen television and even have subscription on Cignal cable. In addition, they were the one prepared the food for our one night stay which includes our snack, dinner, and breakfast.

For Homestay: Php 250 per night
For foods: Php 100 per menu


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