Antique | The Kawa Experience: Kayak-Inn

Kayak Inn is an adventure camp that offers rustic bamboo hut accomodation along the Tibiao river. It is the first accomodation you will see on your way – maybe this is the reason why this is the most famous accommodation in town, though there are other places being offered along the way after passing the camp.

The bamboo hut we stayed on the camp is big and comfortable. Electricity is provided but there were no network signals available on the area so internet, text messaging, and phone calls are impossible.

Living life here in Tibiao is the opposite life of living in the city – no buildings, no internet, no traffic. You can only hear the sound of the river at night and can have more time of thinking and reminiscing.

After arriving in the camp, the owner offered us foods and tour packages for our overnight stay. The package includes Kayaking and Kawa Hot Bath which cost Php 1000. It is quite expensive by the way!

The overnight expenses is Php 250 per head and the food will be decided by you – what food to eat, how much the cost, and what kind of food to cook. We decided to have fish (inasal), tinola, rice, and soda. I think it cost us Php 400 for the total.

Things To Do

Bugtong Bato Falls

Bugtong-Bato is a 7-tiered waterfall that is accessible through a 30-minute walk or foot trail. It is situated in Brgy. Tuno in the town of Tibiao in Antique and
7 kilometers away from the town proper or Poblacion. You will need to rent a tour guide which cost Php150 for four to five persons.

Kayaking in Tibiao River

After our long trek (back and forth) from Bugtong Bato falls, we went to town proper to start our Kayaking which includes on the package offered by the Kaya Inn. Tour guides are already included on the package.

The whole Kayak activities only took 30 minutes starting from the town and ended on the Kayak Inn camp. Kayaking on the free-flow river is not that easy. It’s like you’re doing a whitewater rafting experience, only difference is that you are using the Kayak and alone. Thanks for the tour guides which helped us pass thru the river after the 4 river raft.

Kawa Hot Bath

It is a Philippine version of Japan’s famous hot springs and onsens.

The big caldron (kawa in Tagalog) is filled with water and strewn with leaves and flowers. It is being heated until becomes warm and right enough for your body to withstand the heat. It takes some time to prepare the hot bath so remind them ahead of time.

How to Get There:

From Manila, you may take a plane via Caticlan Airport in Aklan province which is an hour and half to two hour drive away from Tibiao, Antique.

From Culasi, take a bus going to Iloilo bound that will pass the town of Tibiao. Ask to be dropped off at the intersection of Barangay Importante leading to Bugtong Bato Falls before the Tibiao town proper and then ride habal-habal to Kayak Inn


K A Y A K     I N N
Rates: Starts at Php 250.00 / pax
Address: Barangay Tuno, Tibiao, Antique
Contact Number: (0908) 504-3463 | (0921) 570-1947


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