Things To Do In Life

Supposedly you’ve a complete alien on your way. This alien is lost here on earth and it looked like confused and scared. This tiny little green alien asked you naively, “Hey buddy! What are the things can I do here on earth?” What would you recommend to that alien in order to create an unforgettable experience here on earth?

16 Things To Do In Life

1. Fall In Love

Learn to appreciate someone not only yourself and learn to abandon of yourself in front of something bigger than you. Don’t actively look for it, but merely be prepared to receive it when it finds you.

2. Sing on Stage in Front of Many People

Already did it. Face your fear by doing something you failed or your scared to do. Learn to improved your self-confidence and self-esteem and try to share to others what you can do.

3. Write a Book

Any type of book. Just write what you want to share, what you feel, or what you think is important to help others as well. I think everyone must write a book in his lifetime to let other people know that he lived and existed in this world.

4. Compose a Song

Any type of song. As long as it moved other people and makes people happy, cry, dance, and even sing. When other heard your music, you let them feel what you want them to feel and make their minds at ease.

5. Play an Instrument

A guitar is good one. Try to improve yourself not only to those things that you are good but also to the things you don’t know. Life is full of music so let music comes into your life.

6. Run A Marathon

Didn’t do it yet, but I am hoping to do it.. soon! I didn’t think about it before but I realize it is an important physical milestone. Try to push yourself to the limit over what you think you can do and knowing that you did it.

7. Share Dreams with Somebody

Maybe a dream house or even a dream to have a candy. Whatever it is, it doesn’t depend on how big or small it is as long as it is worth striving for. Whatever it is, if it’s a shared dream it is worth fighting for even for a lifetime.

8. Learn a Foreign Language

It is like learning a new foreign language is like learning a new programming language. Try to depicts the world using the new language you’ve just learned. Learned how to use it by describing the world in a very different way. Through it, you learned how to re-create the world you’ve live for.

9. Live for 1 Week on a Completely Foreign Country

Hoping to do it soon. Try to live like a normal person in a different country with different people and culture. And learn how to interact with them without knowing their language and culture. After all the frustrations was gone, you will know that it will be an incredible experience. Interact and live in so many ways without speaking their language and beyond it. Learning something in a different way yet finding a solution in a simple and easy manner.

10. Don’t Talk for a Week

I try it for sometime but I can’t even last for at least an hour. Now, I challenged myself not to speak for at least a week. What do you think will people say?

11. Help a Completely Unknown Person

Have you ever thought how it is to go to someone you never met and help him? Sometimes without even letting him know? This is what I call an anonymous random act of kindness and I’ve done it more than once. Mostly for how it made me feel, I admit.

12. Get Married

And have a long lasting relationship with your partner. This is one of the most important relationship. You help yourself grow as a person and also help your partner to grow as well. I-You relationship. Giving yourself to other person but never forget who you really are.

13. Have kids

Maybe a two or three. They said that having kids is the greatest gift that every parent can receive. Living your life not only for yourself but giving and sharing it to your family as well. Raise them. Its not what you can teach them but what you can learn from your kids.

14. Have a Million Peso

And spend it all. Feel good, right? Once you did it, everything will look differently. Now you can never fear of having and losing money ever again. Because you did it once.

15. Let Go Of Something Important

Maybe a person or something important to you. It will make you feel a little bit depressed but it will help to make you understand that life still goes on, and so are you. Try to move on and never let yourself hold on to something. It not loving that lose you it’s when you hold back. It will help you understand that your existence is not confined within the boundaries of a single person or a single thing.

16. Do extreme sports

Such as Bungee Jumping, Motocross, Zip line, and all types of rides in E.K. Never tried it once in my life. So I will do all I can so that I can do it for once in my life. Push your limit at once and face your fears.


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