My Pickles

My Cute Little Baby — Pickles!

Hey guys! This is Pickles , my pet!

Anyway, I don’t know what is the gender of this dog. We are still confused what is the gender of our pet. Some people say that Pickles is a SHE but others said the opposite. So, I am still in between of finding out his/her gender. Sorry guys!

Pickles may not be an example of expensive dogs who have breeds or anything but I assure you that he/she is the sweetest pet that I ever have. I loved his/her so much that my family treated his/her as our little baby! I hope that someday when he/she grows up and I am living far from my parents especially my mom, he/she will protect our home and my mother. That is why we bought him/her for protection and safety! 😀 haha.. 🙂


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