Tribute to my Adviser

After a year of consultation, pressure, and defenses, our SP days was finally over. Me and my other co-advisees planned to have a tribute for our adviser, Sir Joshua Martinez. Polo created a secret group on facebook just to plan what would be the best gift that we will give to our adviser.

Many suggestions were offered, but the best gifts that were suggested are:

  • a buy one take one party size pizzas with a family sized Coca-cola from shakeys, and
  • a customized shirt with “Best Adviser Sir Josh and our names” printed on it

The costs of these gifts are less but as you looked at it, it looked like we spend so much money just to buy these gifts.

The plan was to surprised our adviser, so Kevin C. and I pretended to have a consultation regarding our posters with Sir Josh at exactly 3PM. It was already 3:30 PM and yet Marlon, Kevin C. and I were not yet finished and is waiting in Shakeys for the pizzas. We waited for almost 20 minutes and boila! the pizzas were there. We took some pictures of it before we leave the restaurant.

When we are at the department, I pretended to consult my adviser telling him to go outside for my consultation. But my adviser refused, asking me why we have to go out! I did no answer his question and keep on asking him to go outside. We we are outside the department, he was really surprised but he keep to control his emotions. I saw it on his eyes that he was really surprised. He asked us what it is all about but no one answered his question. In return, I just gave the customized shirt that we bought for him.

When he saw the shirt and the print on it, he almost cried! I started to laughed and Polo also took some pictures/video. He really appreciated our gifts especially the customized shirt. After that, we planned to divide and eat the food.

The three pizzas were divided and contributed to the faculty of the department, and the other one was given to Sir Josh and for his family. We ate the pizzas, took some pictures, laughed, and chat for a while. Other faculties commented and also joined the par-tay.

After the party, our adviser reminded us about the night out on friday.

Days later, I am so excited on the said night out. It was already 5:30 PM when we met at the school. We went to Molino Grill and exactly, we saw our adviser and met each other.

At Molino Grill, he asked us what we want to eat but no one answered, we were shy, as a result, Sir Josh ordered for us. He ordered a two plate of Pork Sisig, two plate of Tilapia, a two plate of Spare Ribs, iced tea, and a bucket of San Miguel Light. We ate a lot and we are all full. After that, we went to ColdShack for desserts. While we are eating, Sir Josh told us stories about his life went back in college. I asked him why he chose to be a teacher in Ateneo, and about his love life.  He answered back that he did not planned to be a teacher, but since e-mail and internet is not popular back his old times, letters from the companies were send via mail and was very slow. It almost got two months just to received a mail, as a result, he got bored and tried to apply in Ateneo for being a teacher. He also told us that he has a part-time job as a Senior Web Developer in a company and received a lot of money from that job. He also told us important advices about our chosen career and future jobs that we have to get into.

After that, he took some pictures and made some funny comments about it.

It was already 7:00 PM when we finished the par-tay. We already separated from each other and said take care and good night!

Sir Josh didn’t knew that the party has a part two. I will post that part after this story!

Thanks! Happy Reading. 😀


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