Surprising Gift

If forever really exist, then I will cherished the moments that I’ve shared with you more than FOREVER!

After a long day of  long lines, long waits, and long clarifications of the requirements for graduation, Marlon, Kevin, and I were exhausted. I didn’t realized that my friends prepare a gift for me for my birthday. I was really surprised and shocked when I saw their gifts for me.

Their gift is composed of sweet surprises. First is a book entitled as “Have a Little faith” by Mitch Albom which is bought by Nikko. Second were two small but cute chocolate cake. And lastly, is the most beautiful and especial gift I’ve ever received, a collection of cute and funny pictures of my friends.

The picture was consists of “inspiring” messages from my friends. I will quote some of my friend’s message.

Nikko: “Mhards, Happy Birthday. Mau kung maisip sabihon so good luck na lang sa buhay mo. haha. Hope we still be friends in the futue. Sana magustuhan mo si librong tigbakal ko haha about reflection man to. Ay tapos palan good luck sa lablyf. :)”

Karen: “Dojo Girl, happy happy burpday, beerday, and bornday hahaha. Wish you all the best. haha. More blessings to come. Thanks for everything. Paluto daw kang ‘tikman mo ang mainit kong samporado!’ Maging successful sana ang lovelife and career. Live. Love. Laugh.”

Tet (Couz): “Hi couz, happy birthday! Salamat for being a good friend and a couz. Wish you all the happiness in life. Alam ko magiging successful ka sa love and career mo. Happy Birthday!”

Cla: “Happy Birthday Ms. Dojo! Thank you sa gabos na tabang. Sana di mo kami lingawan. Di ka magbago pati ngirit mo di mo baguhon 🙂 Goodluck sa career and sana makahanap ka ng prince mo… hahaha! Stay Happy!”

Rizza: “Salamat sa gabos mong tabang, sa rock en roll mong ngirit! Maski magyaman ka na dai mo kami lingawan!”

Lizette: “Stay beautiful, sexy, and smart!! Yea, another year full of blessings, happiness, and success in life, love, and career. Thanks for being a good friend. Love yah. mua!”

Joel: “Belated happy birthday 🙂 Good luck sa real world, sa career, love life, and sa gabos na!”

Lim: “Happy Birthday? Stay healthy…”

Neithan: “Happy Birthday! We love you! You are special and you forever will be. I just know you’ll be successful in the future. Stay happy and vibrant! :)”

And from my best friend:

Pretty Diana: “Super Happy Belated, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sana makahanap ka ng tunay mong prince charming tulad ng gusto mo na si ….! Salamat! More birthdays to come! God bless!”

Way back home, while I was in a van, I started to reminisce the funny moments, facebook chats, picture takings, and stupid thoughts that we’ve shared together. I started to smile and laugh aloud but not that loud from the window. Another passenger saw me  laughing and smiling for nothing. He looked at me strangely with a thought on his mind, “What a jerk! Why is she laughing?”. I felt like stupid and embarrassed by myself, so I started to act normal and pretend nothing happened. I looked at the sky and watched the moon which at that moment was very big and very bright. When I saw it, I remember my friends. I went back home safely and told my mother about the present I received from my friends. My mother was very happy and appreciated those gifts I received. We ate the chocolate cake and  started to watched the drama in ABS-CBN “Walang Hanggan”.

To all my friends who cares, love, respect, and support me, a BIG THANKS to all of you. You really are my inspirations in my life. I am so thankful to God that he gave me the opportunity to meet you guys! God knows how much I love you and how much I value our friendship. I will never forget you my friends especially the silly jokes, stupid things, and funny moments that we did during those days. I will treasure it and forever remember it. Even though were far apart and have our own families in life, I will always remember the laughter, frustration, disappointments, and sadness that we felt during our projects and SP days. I will remember those silly jokes, funny things, and stupid thoughts that we’ve had. It is like a collection of moments that I will treasure and remember forever even though we have our own families. You all deserved a lot of thanks and appreciation for being a good friend to me, for understanding the way I am, and for accepting who I am. I will take this opportunity to say sorry for all the sins, mistakes, and misunderstandings that we’ve had and we will encounter in the future. Sorry for being insensitive and for meddling with your personal life. I just want to say i love you guys and good luck! *clap *clap *clap… *cry* cry* cry. Like the quotes above, “Though miles may lie between us we are never far apart for friendship doesn’t count miles its measured by the hearts.” I will forever love you and value you my friends! 😀

Also, to my Sibling Kevin Capaciete, Ate Sigrid, Seth Dialino, Marlon Abril, Neithan Casano, Raph Garay, Tope Salazar, and to Ronie Amata. thank you for being part of my life. I hope that someday we’ll meet each other again. Wish you all the happiness and success in life.


7 responses to “Surprising Gift

  1. syeah.. haha too much drama :)) …Anyway, Great! you’ve understood my handwriting .hope you didn’t have a hard time decoding it haha. Thanks also for all the things the you’ve done for me and for us: the help, the laughter, the cries. The gift I gave you symbolizes my appreciation and gratitude for your existence in my life. I know it is to shallow , to simple and to small compared to that but still I just want you to know that your existence is appreciated.Arg my reply is again long so i’ll just greet you again a Belated happy birthday, hope you enjoy reading the book and lastly HOPE YOU HAVE A BLOOMING LOVE LIFE SOON 🙂 haha

    •’re welcome nikko! aww. :). You too. I hope you and couz will be forever and have a family together. Don’t forget us even though your rich and famous. Okay! Just always remember that we will always here, your friends, if you need help! We loved you nikko, even though I just met and be closed to you last year during web development class or software engineering class, I value our friendship! hehe.. Take care of my Couz.. she’s also very important to me. 😛

    • rizza’s right haha you are not going to die yet.. haha the one’s you are saying are the ones said by people who’s near death … or you want to be one? haha

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