Two Days of Self Contemplating

A Day Changing Our Names

  When someone asked you what were you be after two to five months or who would you want to be after a year, what do you think is the best answer?

I asked this questions to myself. What would I really be after graduation?

Everyone of us wanted to be happy. To achieve our dreams and live a life with satisfaction and contentment.

 This year’s retreat was the best retreat that help me to really find myself after I graduated in college and be on my own. This was the best retreat I’ve ever had through my college years in Ateneo.  It helps me to give time for myself and time to talk to God.

Seriously, it takes courage to speak with him. With all the sins, mistakes, and failures I experienced, he is always there for me. With him, I realized so many things I had in my life. He helped me to appreciate those things and thanks for it.

During those days, I didn’t even think that I would even cry, in front of my classmates and friends. It’s really an embarrassing moment. But I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t control my feelings.  Those things that that were said by my friends really touches my heart. I will never forget it, those things they had said. I know it comes from their heart and they really mean it.

This experience made me a better person. A person who is more closer to God. I learned new things about myself and express my feelings to others. I’ve even met new friends and learn to be open with them.

Today, I found out that there are some things that needs to be appreciated. You just have to find it and feel it, so that you can see it.


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