Bad Luck

The day after the final defense, my friends and I started to hang out again at Xavier Hall. It was a long time since we spend time together. It is also a good time for us because we didn’t have a class on our subject. We were so excited, we laughed, we chat, and we eat. My friends bought plenty of foods during that day. It was a happy afternoon.

By then, I didn’t notice that it is already 8:00 in the evening. I realized that I have to go home because it’s too late, my mother will worry about me. At that time, I didn’t bother the time because I know that the last trip in our terminal is 9:00 PM. But when I was in the terminal, I was really surprised when I found out that it was the last trip. The van was so full, I asked the conductor if I can just rode in that van, but the man refused and said that it was full. Lucky for me that I am not the only one waiting, I’ve got my old friend back in high school and we decided to go to LCC. We are hoping that we can catch the last trip of jeepney to Pasacao, but unfortunately, the last trip of jeep was gone. We lost hope, we didn’t know what to do. So we decided to go to Mabolo and tried to wait for a jeep to Libmanan. I was really scared and I am praying to God that we can go home safe and secured.


Best Ways on How to Get a Boyfriend


Still single? Do you feel alone in your life? Want to have a boyfriend?
Believe it or not, there are ways on how to get a boyfriend.

1. Be yourself. Still, there are a lot of women who still pretends of someone they are not. This only makes a man fall in love with someone you are not. So, it is very important for at the first place you will show to that guy the real you. So that he will fall in love for who you really are.

2. Self Assurance. Always believe in yourself. As much as possible, avoid thinking about your imperfections and insecurities. It will only make guys find you unattractive. So, be only true to yourself and accept who you really are.

3. Smile. Smiling is the best way to make you beautiful. Guys find a woman attractive if she smiles a lot. So practice smiling.

4. Laugh. Some guys want a woman who has sense of humor. People laugh when they have fun and guys like women who knows how to have fun. Always laugh and have fun.

5. Be his friend. Even though your intention is to be more than just friends, it is a good way to start out being as his friend. In this way, you will be able to gain his trust and start to be open to you. Being his friend is a great beginning. It is actually a great time to know each other and find common interests.

Final Defense Remembrance

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Shit really happens all the time.

February 26, 2012 – my most tragic, unlucky day of my life. I am declaring it as the day of frustration, disappointment, and rejection. Shit really happens all the time and that time was on the day of my final defense.

After a year full of hard work, exhaustion, “puyat”, coding, and thinking, apparently, it turns out to nothing. It is really disappointing, I don’t know what happened to me during that day. I really did all my best for this project but it seems that it is not good enough. If only I could have the power to turn back time, I will turn back the time after my preliminary defense. That time was the opposite of my final defense. The panelists were very happy of my project, they even said it’s 99%, and I was really happy during that time. So, after that experience, I started to believe that good things will happen during my final defense.


Two Days of Self Contemplating

A Day Changing Our Names

  When someone asked you what were you be after two to five months or who would you want to be after a year, what do you think is the best answer?

I asked this questions to myself. What would I really be after graduation?

Everyone of us wanted to be happy. To achieve our dreams and live a life with satisfaction and contentment.

 This year’s retreat was the best retreat that help me to really find myself after I graduated in college and be on my own. This was the best retreat I’ve ever had through my college years in Ateneo.  It helps me to give time for myself and time to talk to God.


Poem for God


I made this poem for God.


 Take and receive, O Lord, my entire will

       For you I offer my love and care

       All things I owned is not enough

      Because you are the only one who satisfy my want.